COVID Vaccination Policy

At AIMAC Electronics, our highest priority has always been to provide a safe environment for our team, customers, suppliers and visitors.

We are currently undertaking a health and safety risk assessment to determine the best approach to help protect our people and workplaces from the negative consequences of COVID-19.

We have implemented the following interim measures effective from Wednesday 1 December 2021, which we believe best fits with the NZ Government’s COVID-19 response recommendations:

Visits to your workplaces
Only fully vaccinated AIMAC Electronics team members are permitted to visit your premises. They will follow all your COVID-19 protocols including any requirement to present proof of vaccination on arrival. If they are unable to comply with these protocols, they will advise immediately and withdraw from the visit.

Visits to our workplaces
All visitors are permitted to visit our premises. On arrival visitors will be required to:
* Sign in (Electronic or Paper Register)
* Follow all applicable COVID-19 protocols or restrictions as per Government guidelines for the region our workplace is located in.
* We are also available to meet with our customers, suppliers and visitors virtually, and will continue to provide contact-free delivery service to all customers.
* We fully acknowledge the risks associated with COVID-19 and accept those measures which are to be taken to mitigate or eliminate these risks.
* We will remain proactive in reviewing these measures regularly to ensure they reflect any new guidelines as they evolve in the future.

Thank you for your support and understanding as we implement these measures.

Yours faithfully,
Sarah McGregor
Finance Manager

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