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May I also say a huge thanks to Michael for taking this job on and repairing this radio for me, I wasn’t sure what was actually going on with it and radio technicians are very hard to find these days. I’m absolutely rapt its working again.

Mike T

AIMAC Electronics Limited pride ourselves in being able to deal with most electronic based products. With our “can do” approach, we will tackle most normal and unusual matters! Often we can help once you no longer have branded support.

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Fantastic service. Very fair pricing, quick repair on my amp. I am very impressed. Hard to get such a tradesman now a days. I certainly will recommend to everyone. Thank you again.

Oznur, Christchurch

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Bespoke multimedia setup

For example:

  • converting your retro stereo to Bluetooth
  • convert from international power voltage
  • update cabling
  • blown speakers
  • Data projectors and home movie theatre
  • cleaning contacts after a mouse infestation
  • crank your valves back to life
  • bespoke multimedia setups – integration of sight and sound (cd, dvd, tv, cassette tape, turntable, radio, amplifier, blueray, laptop, phone, surround sound, pc and Bluetooth functionality)
  • and most things battery or electronic related you may come up with.