Remote Repairs

AIMAC Electronics Limited can repair your remote – what kind of remote? ANY kind of remote. The majority of remote controls can be repaired quite easily and we have a 90% success rate on our repairs.

Let us mend your broken remote today!

Our repair services have been running since way back, initially we only serviced TV controllers but in recent years we have noticed a need for repairs to even more types of handsets, remotes and controllers, therefore we now service many different kinds.

In the beginning, television remotes were all that were around, now remotes are part of everyday life! The second largest remote repair growth market in the last 6 years has been fireplace remotes and even many AirCon or heat pump systems rely solely on the handsets for their functionality and when they become faulty most systems are rendered useless.

Below is a small list of the types of equipment we repair controllers for.

  • Television and media system handsets
  • Lazyboy or electric recliner chair corded handsets
  • Electric beds / massage tables
  • Mobility controllers
  • Audio equipment
  • DVD / Blu-Ray/ Data projector remotes
  • Air Conditioning / Heat pump unit remotes
  • Motorised blind, awning or louvre remotes
  • Garage door remotes
  • Gate remotes
  • Loft/ ladder handsets
  • Automatic window opening remotes/ handsets
  • Spa pool remotes
  • Gas fireplace or BBQ handset controllers or remotes
  • Media presentation systems (red light pointers or PowerPoint clickers)
  • Plus Much More!

We’ll diagnose and repair
your controller

At AIMAC Electronics we specialise in repairing remote control handsets for various types of equipment

It is a fact that a lot of modern electronic equipment have basic controls built into the system and instead rely on the remote control to carry out various important functions such as Tuning and Timer setup. Therefore without the remote many types of equipment are rendered useless.

If you have a remote control that is in need of repair then why not give us a try.

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