Model Engineers – train, boat, plane etc

“The controller has been set up to perfection, a big thank you.”

(model train repair) Patrick, Picton

AIMAC Electronics also repair, refurbish and replace all controllers, plugs and sockets, specializing in printed circuit board (PCB), remote controls, power supplies, pots, wigwags and much more!

Some examples of repairs we have done for model engineering clubs are:

  • Set up train control panel
  • Program new power modules as required
  • Replaced throttle pot with single ended units
  • Supply Dynamic DS160 Rhino2 control joystick
  • Supply 2 K Kohm Wire Wound Dust proof Throttle pots
  • Supply 8amp charger
  • Supply DX HTP to program trains as requested
  • Supply required DWiz Adapter for connection to Rhino II
  • Supply reconditioned 8 amp battery charger as required
  • Checked over Ds160 scooter controller

We would like to provide specialist technical backup of all things electronic to help out all hobbyists and serious gamers. Plus being mobility scooter experts since 1995, we have many parts that would perfectly suit a model train setup or anything with a graduated speed controller system. With door to door courier service we can have a very fast turn around time.

Other common repairs include:

  • replace blown
    • cutoff fuses
    • relays
    • resistors
  • troubleshoot controllers
  • clean corrosion
    • removed oxide off inputs
    • carbon damage around pads
  • replace spade contacts
  • re-tinned keypad connections
  • re-terminated mains input
  • added cable lock

Other Items we can look at:

  • Control Box (including pressure switch)
  • Topside/Keypad Control With Cable 
  • Circuit Board
  • Sensors
  • Auxiliary Topside Control
  • Remote controllers

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if you have any questions.