Christmas Ornament Repairs

Two electricians told me our American bought Christmas tree, which I unthinkingly plugged into our power supply, could not be fixed. Imagine how pleased I was when Aimac were able to get it going very simply and for very little cost.

Ernie, Christchurch

AIMAC Electronics are pleased to repair all kinds of Christmas ornaments, trees and celebration items. From your Christmas tree lights, festive LED jersey or sweater, even your ornaments and display items – we can look at and 9/10 fix them.

Christmas Jersey now all sparkly!

The majority of items can be repaired quite easily with new parts. So bring in the heirloom and vintage items to be moderised or converted to LED – a bulb that creates no heat and is therefore much safer.

Often a rusted, broken part, or corroded battery damage, can be cleaned up good as new! All items are tested and certified safe for use.

Types of repairs we have made:

  • Conversion from international voltage, or plugs
  • Broken cords
  • Replaced plugs or transformers
  • Repaired contacts and corroded parts
  • Problem solved intermitted faults
  • Historical items modernised

Please email
if you have any questions.