Staff Profiles

People are very important at AIMAC Electronics Limited

Michael McGregorMichael “Off to Nepal and Russia in 2019!” McGregor

Director of AIMAC
Senior IT Consultant

  • After completing a Degree in Operations Research with Canterbury University (1989), Michael moved  into the IT Industry.
  • Whilst on OE in England (1990) for two years, Michael started with Network installation and design, then moving into PC repair and construction.
  • When he returned to New Zealand (1993), he spent time working at installing and maintaining POS systems within the Service Station industry.
  • A move to the New Zealand Defence Forces followed. Michael was ‘in-charge’ of the 3rd Land force group IT infrastructure during its initial planning and roll out phase. This earned him a commendation.
  • Head-hunted by JADE software Corporation (1997), as an Operations Specialist. A role he performed for 11 years, ending with two years in the UK as a Senior Jade Operations Consultant in Leeds.
  • On return to New Zealand (2008),  he joined Alistair in helping to grow AIMAC Electronic Servicing (incorporating TechMobility), now AIMAC Electronics Limited (2010).
  • Another trip to England (2009), Christchurch this time,  for certification and accreditation in PGDT repairs and maintenance.
  • More travel for training in 2010, (Melbourne, Australia) in the maintenance and servicing of the ColourSpec Paint mixing machines.
  • Michael brings a wealth of IT experience to the team and provides a continuing point of presence as AIMAC Electronics Limited (2010) moves into the future.
  • Michael also loves dancing especially Ballroom and Argentinian Tango.

Paul “I wont play” Debonnaire
Senior Electrical Engineer

  • Paul started with AIMAC in 2015
  • 16 years at Dynamic Controls
  • Electronic repair specialist
  • He over a decade of experience as an electronics specialist
  • Previously spent six years as a service technician for Dynamic Controls.
  • He brings a wealth of knowledge to the team
  • Says he loves the autonomy his new role gives him and the people he gets to work with.

Sarah “Customer Happiness Specialist who can count” McGregor
Accounts Manager

  • Sarah comes with a long background in administration
  • Has been called the “office dragon” on occasion!
  • Sarah, wife of Michael, born in UK, but she’s lived in NZ since she was six, so we won’t hold that against her!
  • Sarah is our Office & Accounts Manager, is an administration guru or, as she puts it, “organisation is my thing!”
  • She’s also the friendly, supportive voice on the end of the phone when you call for help.

Josh “Just work in my holidays” Thompson-Brown
Apprentice Technician

  • Josh loved tinkering around
  • Stripped and rebuilt an EV scooter over Summer 2018-19
  • Will have a job when he finishes Uni!

RETIRED Bruce  “Rocket Science”  Watson
Retired Senior Developmental Engineer and on-call consultant

  • Bruce started as an apprentice technician with Philips in the late 1960s.
  • Moving into a partnership in a small electronics firm during the early 1980s.
  • In the early 1990s, Bruce moved out with Alistair to form AIMAC Electronic Servicing.
  • Bruce brought an encyclopaedic electronic knowledge and design ability to our highly skilled team.

He is the man we turn to, to solve the hard problems. Bruce also loves to tinker with things to make them work.

RETIRED Alistair “Just call me Boss” McGregor
Retired CEO and on-call consultant

  • Alistair started out as an avionics technician with the  New Zealand Airforce in the early 1960s, serving 11 years.
  • On returning from Singapore Alistair took up a job as a Spectroscopist with New Zealand Aluminum Smelters.
  • Purchase of a Bernina Sewing Centre franchise followed and became one of New Zealand’s largest franchises as a family business for 16 years.
  • After selling out of the sewing business he joined Bruce in the electronics industry forming AIMAC Electronic Servicing,  doing everything from Network analysis,  to all types of electronic repair.
  • In 2005, Alistair purchased TechMobility as a going concern and thus moved into the Mobility industry. Growing and strengthening this area of the business to offer a high quality fast turnaround service for clients from all over New Zealand.
  • Alistair provides the business drive and a huge degree of skill in electronic and mechanical engineering.
  • He also collects and repairs clocks in his ‘spare’ time.

RETIRED Michael “The other Michael” Arndt
Retired Senior Technician and on-call consultant