Eco-socially friendly

We are a conservation conscious business.

Our dedication to:

  1. Repair

  2. Recycle

  3. Reuse

  4. Renew/ Refurbish

  5. Reduce

  6. Repurpose/ Upcycling 

  7. Informed appropriate disposal of waste

  • Cardboard is separated and reused for packaging
  • Batteries are reused, rebalanced-in-series where possible or sent to approved reclamation.
  • Circuit boards contain metals such as copper, aluminium, gold, and silver, all of which can be recycled.
  • Plastic packaging (especially bubble wrap) is definitely reused where possible, and soft and hard plastic are separated into appropriate  disposal collection points.
  • Food waste is composted with worms.
  • Metal/ wiring is taken to scrap merchants.
  • Old PC’sc/ laptops and monitors, mice and keyboards are cleaned and restored to full working order and then donated to schools or other worthy groups.
  • Redundant technology sometimes is useful in creative and innovative customer solutions.
  • We hold and keep many parts to reduce customer cost with perfectly usable cannibalised items.
  • Solar power – 3kw inverter with 2kw panels for the workshop and and EV Nissan Leaf car for the team

Please email
if you have any questions.