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AIMAC Electronics Limited would love to hear about any questions or comments you may have, below or by email, and we will respond.

Some comments:

  • “When an $8000 control unit for a bailer was just going to be thrown away as irreparable, it was too much for Alistair; who managed to identify the issue, pull the equipment apart and repair it, for just the cost of labour” (equipment repair) Lewis, Alexandra
  •  “I was totally frustrated with my computer and how difficult it was to get good support for a small business. AIMAC came in, repaired what was repairable, and replaced the rest at a very reasonable cost and time-frame that worked for me – now they are just a phone call away and I have one worry less” (computer repair) Mike, Christchurch
  • “I can now drive my scooter to the shops without running out of power, and know my batteries will now last the distance and get me home again. It has saved me ringing my daughter to rescue me (again) and having to buy a new battery (again).” (mobility scooter repair) Bryan, Christchurch
  • “I saw your email, and saw a picture of a tidy workshop, so I popped round to take a picture to compare when I picked up my cricket ball thrower!” (sports repair) Mark, Christchurch
  • “I have only had occasion to use you once and found the service and return excellent, just what is needed for a wheelchair bound person.” (mobility scooter repair) Alan, Palmerston North
  • “The controller has been set up to perfection, a big thank you.” (model train repair) Patrick, Picton
  • “I was extremely grateful for your fast and efficient service, it solved all our problems.” (remote control repair) Andrea, Christchurch
  • ” Thanks for finding the fault in my grandsons electric mini car so promptly, he’s really pleased to be back in the drivers seat.” (minicar repair) Terry, Christchurch
  • “Thank you so much for the speedy repair and excellent service!” (tattoo machine repair) Sarah, Auckland

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or use the form below, if you have any questions.

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