Troubleshooting a Spa circuit board

AIMAC Electronics has compiled this information for troubleshooting a spa with a printed circuit board (PCB).
If you are getting any error codes or blinking lights please refer to your manual or manufacturers website first, however these links (It is an American site) can be useful as a guidance.

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I’m Getting Error Codes Or Blinking Dots
The GFCI Trips When I Call For Heat Or Turn On The Spa
The Pump Is Coming On By Itself – No Buttons Were Pushed
When I Push A Selected Button, Something Else Comes On
The Display Is Going Wacky And Some Of The Buttons Don’t Respond
The Spa Side Buttons Are Not Responding When I Push Them
The Main Terminal Block Where The Incoming Power Terminates Has Burned/Melted
The Copper Straps Connecting The Board To The Heater Have Burned/Melted
One Or More Wires That Connect To The Circuit Board Relays Or Termination Points Have Burned
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Topside Error Codes