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  1. John Tatnell says:

    Greetings from Timaru Alistair. Like the new Web set up. Easy to view & quick too! Very informative both on the bussiness & on staff info.
    Looks like your nice ‘upgraded’ premises is not going to be large enough for all your new work?
    Hope the new year treats you well. Will call in & ‘inspect’ the setup when next in CHCH. [hope you have chocky bikkies with the coffee?]
    Kindest regards.
    JTAT WCS-tu

    1. Aimac Electronics Limited (2010) says:

      Many thanks John, for your kind comments.
      Let us know when your up and we will get the bikkies in ‘special’ like!

      P.s. I can do a website for you too, on wordpress??!!!
      For a small fee of course…. 🙂

      See you soon
      Aimac Team

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